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Making a Difference to Children

Skyler is an energetic, happy 5 yr old. But she wasn't always . .. .

She was born with Gastroschisis - a condition where her intestines were outside of her body. This led to complications and multiple surgeries.

Skyler became a ward of the state, but because of her special healthcare needs, she wasn't able to stay with a foster family, so she stayed in the hospital. Everyone at the hospital loved Skyer, but it was two special pediatric nurses who decided to adopt her. Each of them had already adopted other children, and she was a perfect fit!

When they adopted Skyler, she was wheelchair-bound. However, with therapy and lots of hard work on her park, she was using a walker within 4 months. Soon after, she ditched her walker and is now running everywhere!

But Skyler isn't out of the woods. She has a permanent IV which she receives her nutrition. This medication is specific to her and her nutrition levels are constantly monitored by Positively Kids' Home Health nurses. Any infection can send her back to the hospital including a common cold. The family has been very vigilant during the pandemic to make sure she isn't exposed.

Your support of Positively Kids ensures that other children like Skyler will reach their full potential. Whether it is learning to walk to drawing blood for labs, Positively Kids will be there every step of the way.