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Help a child receive critical medical treatment today!

Positively Kids is committed to providing a care coordinated approach that embraces each child's unique needs and will have a positive effect on their growth and development.

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There is hope. . . . and that hope begins with YOU!

Jacob was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after his birth. His family enrolled him in Positively Kids' Early Intervention program when he was less than 2 months old, because they noticed he wasn't interacting with others, including his caregivers by smiling, cooing, or recognizing familiar faces. After a thorough development evaluation, it was decided that Jacob would benefit from Occupational Therapy, Special Instruction, Speech Therapy, and Physical Therapy.

At first the therapists worked with him on holding his head up, roll to his side and sit with support. By his 6 month evaluation he was able to roll both ways on his own. When he was almost 2 years old, he was still needing assistance to walk, but by 3 years old he not only was able to walk on his own, but dancing too!

All of this was possible because of people like YOU! Will you please help others, like Jacob? Your gift will change a child's life.